Rainbow Bridge

This was send to me upon the passing of my beloved "Decision" Who left us much to soon.

Hold fast to your memories,
to all of the cherished moments
of the past,
to the blessings and the laughter,
the joys and the celebrations,
the sorrow and the tears.
They all add up to a treasure
of fond yesterdays
that you shared and spent together,
and they keep the one you loved
close to you in spirit and thought.

The special moments
and memories in your life
will never change.
They will always be in your heart,
today and forevermore.

-Linda E. Knight
Bonray's Decision of Teray
Bonrays Cruz-N-On of Teray
Jan 1990-Aug 2002
Cruz receiving his CGC Award at 9 months
Also he was included in the GSD 13 club

Our dear sweet Angel went to Rainbow Bridge 8/2/08
She will be greatly missed.

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