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Shammy Heavenly Cream  Arabella

Shammys Target, Black & White
Shammy Blue Zimmer, Blue

Shammys Barron Von Pillar, Brown & White
Shammys Streaker Suprise, Silver Beige
Shammys Whosie What, Blue
Shammy's Tequila Sunrise, Silver Beige
Shammys Catapillar, Silver Beige
Shammys Teddy Bronze Wick, Brown
A'Hail's Shimming Cordene, Silver Beige
Gemini's Ginnie Silver Mist, Silver
Windamer Boot Scooter Boogie, Silver
Owens Sterling Silver J D, Silver
Daphne Doo Hendrix, Brown
Chambers' Silva Sadie, Silver
Owens Sterling Silver J D, Silver
Madam Buffles Silver All, Silver
Dansby's Delilah V Shammy, Apricot White Markings
Sir Dansby's Magical mickey6, Silver Beige
Lisa's Peppy Pippy, Apricot Black Points
Brutus Leroy Jude, Blue & White
Little Starbright Jude, Silver Beige
Daddy's Peacyhes N' Cream, Apricot
Toto Travis Baby Boy, Brown
Linda's Fantastic Fifi, Black
Madam Dansbys Magical Minnie, Silver
Sir Rowdy Cornellus Brown, Brown
Hazel's Bad Boy, Brown
Hazels Maggi, Black
Madam Matilda Louise Brown, Cream
Tiny Waldridge, Black
Madam Francheska Fi Fi Rakes, Silver
Shammys Antoinette, Black & Cream Black Points
Shammy XXXIII (Peabody), Apricot
Bokate Sundance Kid, red & Apricot
Ch. Patra's Prancer Of Riverbend, Red
Ch. Riverbend Red Hot Tobasco, Red
Pats' Princess Chinette Red, Red & Apricot
Bokate Beaches Of Chevenne, Cream
Patau Puff-In Snowman, White
Puff-TN Snowman Lucky Nukoma, White
Shammys Mink Of Diff, Silver Beige
Shammys-Drambole, Brown
Shammys Andrew, Black
Shammy Lolly Pop, Brown
Ardynas Gay Mink Difference, Silver Beige
Ardynas Gay Barnaby Fudge, Brown
Ardynas Morning Glory, Brown
Mae's Midnight Pearl Of Onxy, Black
Kismet's Honky Tonk Attitude, Brown
Ch. Delorch's King Creole, Black
Ch. De Lorch's Love Me Tender, Black
De Lorch's True Love, Black
Ch. Delorch's Honky Tonk Angel, Black
Ch. Charade Foxtrot, Black
Ch. Delorch's Love Walked Right In II, Brown
Fanfare Love Is Alive, Black
Ch. Apogee Radford, Brown
Ch. Baliwick Calypso II, Brown
Apogee Whitney, Brown
Chudan Love Of Arabian Night, Black
Ch. Chudan's Movement In Style, Black
Delorch Chudan's Dedra, Black
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