Here are some of the wonderful dogs that have been a great
influence in my breeding program, they are in the pedigree
of many of our current dogs in our program.

Thank you for visiting our retired page, all girls and males on
this site have been place or pass on to Rainbow Bridge with
dedication and respect to their off spring they deserve to be recognized.

Terays Candy Cane
Terays Lil' Red Ridin Hood
Nala x Eyore

Terays Suprise Package


Terays Ice Man
Terays Fro Fro
Terays Eyore
Terays Cappy
Terays Goldie Locks
Terays Baby Bear

Terays Oreo
Terays Angel
Terays Nic
Terays Ice Maiden
Terays Mona Lisa
Terays Toasted Coconut
Terays Inky
Isabel & Gabby
Terays Flame of Fire

Terays Zorro

Terays Town Cryer
Terays Lite Your Fire
Terays Cinnamon
Terays Lite Your Fire
Terays Lizzy
(Indy x Bandit)

Terays Panda Bear
Terays Ice Dancer

Terays Nala
Rainbow Bridge
Terays Ice Crystal

Terays Indy

Terays Stark Ravin Red

Terays Bandit on The Run
Terays Rusty Ol' Red

Terays Charmed

Terays Kandi

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